UC Davis Biomedical Engineering


The BME Graduate Group and the BME Department conduct research in many areas. The major categories are listed below.

Biomedical Imaging
Cellular and Molecular Systems
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

The diversity of faculty within the biomedical engineering program at UCD provides a wide variety of facilities for student research. The program is administered by faculty from a variety of departments in several schools and colleges – including engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural and environmental sciences, and letters and sciences – who are organized into a graduate group.

Particularly valuable resources include:

The largest academic cleanroom in the US, for fabricating microsystems
A 7T small bore MR imaging and spectroscopy system
1.5 T whole body dedicated MR imaging system available in radiology
Laser and optical instrumentation\Automatic video image analysis systems
A virtual reality immersion system for 3D visualization
Ultrasonics and acoustics research systems
Surgery and animal care for a wide variety of small and large animals
Materials testing and rheological equipment
Facilities for physiological studies of animals and humans
Facilities for human performance observation and analysis
Optical microscopy, diffraction, scanning
A MicroPET imaging facility

There are excellent mechanical and electrical shop facilities, in addition to a student-faculty shop (in the College of Engineering) for those who choose to do their own shop work. A campus Organized Research Unit, the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV), has considerable interaction with the graduate group and provides facilities for it.